Save Over $5,000 This Year With This Genius Money-Saving Hack

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If your goal this year is to save some extra cash, then this hack just might make that a whole lot easier. There are many ways to set back a cushion of money for you to have at the end of 2020. Spending less on fast-food, skipping that daily coffee run, and cutting back on outings are just a few. However, if you’re looking to make a big change in your savings, this hack from TikTok user Krista Zahron is the genius money-saving hack you have been searching for. Her hack, that has reached over a million likes, can help you save over $5,000 in one year !

@kristazahroneasy way to save money! #foryou #fyp #foryoupage

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First, grab 50-100 colored or white envelopes, a cute little box to hold your envelopes in (a shoe box would totally work too!), a marker to write on the envelopes, and stickers. You will then use your marker to write a dollar amount on each envelope, ranging from $1 to $100 (or $1-$50). Once you have all your envelopes numbered, stack them upright in your box.

Make a checklist tracking Week 1- Week 50 to keep inside your box to mark off  each week. Each week, pick two envelopes at random and add that dollar amount in them.Use your stickers to seal off each envelope after adding the dollar amount. Once you finished adding money in for that week, check the week off your list.  After 50 weeks, using Krista’s method, you’ll be left with a total of $5,050.

You can also cut down the envelopes to 50 for 6 months to save a total of $1,275. Sounds like a fun way to save some cash!

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