Signs That You Need To Call A Plumber

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Plumbing is a tempting DIY project for many – as the issue arises we would all rather pick up a cleaner solution and plunger than call for help. But there are issues we would only make worse this way and end up paying additional expenses. A plumbing emergency can occur all of a sudden, but usually, there are tell-tale signs that show things will go from bad to worse. If you’re experiencing some of the issues on this list then it’s probably time to call a plumber.

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Drained Water Comes Back

If you don’t have the highest quality valve, it’s just a matter of time when it will fail to close the water that’s been drained. This issue creates the worst water-related nightmare of every homeowner: backflow. If you notice that even the tiniest amount of water is coming back, believe us – it will overflow the sink eventually. In a worst-case scenario when you’re not home so it will ruin your flooring, rugs, carpets, and upholstery. If it’s a sewer backflow, you could return into a swamp instead of a home. A plumber will need to close the main valve and replace yours to prevent the issue from happening again.

Release of Bad Odors

If your house smells like sewage water and rotten eggs and the source is your sink, don’t simply try to wash down those smells. You may cover them up with some cleaner solution, but that would be like covering up the fact that the above-mentioned swamp is coming to visit. Because the release of bad odors suggests exactly that: your valve isn’t performing well, so call a plumber to replace it before the issue grows into backflow.

Water Takes Forever to Drain

This is a sure sign that something is clogged up which prevents the usual flow of water. Probably a mixture of hardened leftover food and grease in case of a kitchen sink, or gels and hairs that have formed a ball in case of bathrooms. There are ways to unclog a drain yourself, but if the issue doesn’t resolve easily or keeps repeating often it’s time to call a plumber in order to avoid unnecessary pipe damage that will lead to more expensive repairs.

Gurgling Sounds

The draining system needs air so the lines can flow correctly. If the water makes these gurgling sounds, this means that the system has trouble finding that air. This can happen while you’re using the shower, running a washing machine, or with the toilet while it’s not being used. If you ignore it, the system will have no other alternative but to back up water into your home. This is basically a call-the-plumber alarm.

Phantom Sounds

If no one is using the kitchen or restroom and you can still hear running water from the walls – it’s not the neighbors. These phantom sounds are usually the sign you have a plumbing leak. Check your water meter: if the water is not being used and it’s moving, it’s definitely a leak. Of course, the leak could be anywhere and you need to call a plumber as soon as possible if you don’t wish to spend a fortune on the water bills. You can look for damp spots around pipes and fixtures, on floors, ceilings, and walls, but locating the leak still doesn’t mean you don’t need professional help to fix it.

Your Faucet Has Poor Pressure

If this is the issue, one possibility is that there is a clog in the screen or aerator of the faucet. The solution for this is quite simple: you need to screw it off, clean it out, and reattach it. But if this is not the cause, there are a number of more complex possibilities: an issue with a hot water heater or valve, a broken pipe, or a leak. You don’t need a plumber only to fix the issue, but to determine it quickly. Causes of low water pressure are often fixed cheaply and easily, but if ignored can lead to a number of expensive emergency repairs.

Brown or None

Brown water or none at all coming from the faucet is not a rare occurrence, and usually, a temporary one caused by work on a water main. However, if these issues last or repeat regularly, there’s a cracked rusted pipe bringing in soil or a serious leak and both require professional attention.

As you can see, that’s quite a number of signs. It’s okay to try repairing some issue yourself but when it comes to plumbing, things can be much worse than they seem.

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