Snake Could Be Tekkens New Video Game Character

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Tekken could be borrowing a new character from popular video game Metal Gear Solid.

Snake could be that character, rumors have been swirling around after EVO showed a video that sort of confirmed Snake as the next fighter for the popular game.

The clip showed Snake commenting on a Tekken 7 match before it immediately shut off.

If this wasn’t enough to confirm then those who are eager to know will have to wait until tonight after the finals of EVO’s annual Tekken tournament.

Tekken 7 was originally released in 2016 and has taken off from there, the super popular brand has hit over 4 million sales.

This success has lead the developers to continue to add new downloadable content over that few years.

Negan from The Walking Dead was added to the game, this has fans expecting more from the Tekken franchise.

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