Stephen Curry Talks About His Career Playing Next To Klay Thompson

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The two players have spent majority of their career playing next to one another.

Steph Curry believes his career would be totally different without the presence of Klay Thompson.

A reporter spoke with Curry about his career asking him a simple question. Do you think your career would be different without Klay Thompson?

“No, not a chance. Situation is everything. You draft a guy like Klay from Washington State with so much potential… us being able to develop together with Draymond, Shaun, Andre & the guys that have been there since day 1, it’s truly special.” said Curry.

The team is built on 3 point shooting Curry & Klay Thompson offer this by the loads. It’s not only been special to watch but, also experience history being made.

The two players have taken their team to new levels and believe they will compete for a title again the moment they step back on the NBA court.

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