Steve Kerr Has Opened Up About Being A Better Coach While Stars Are Out

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Championship coach Steve Kerr has opened up about being a better coach and that he’s no longer focused on if the team wins or losses, instead his focus for the season will be developing younger players and generating more character towards those players.

“I think I’ve learned how to be a better coach, honestly,” said Kerr. “I haven’t had to coach a situation like this and it;s a good reminder that every circumstance is different, every year is different. The last five years, we’ve been a championship contender, so it meant that I had to manage the team through the season, prepare for the playoffs and try to get guys rest when we could. This is much more about teaching and developing young players.”.

Although great coach most fans are likely waiting on the return Steph Curry & Klay Thompson they’re the clutch players that lead the team to a championship and multiple occasions of bringing the amount of energy to the game you need to win.

The Warriors have had a serious noncompetitive season and are trending towards not winning many games at all. Possibly the answer they seek is more consistency from the starters they do have that’s active. Winning 4 of 22 games is the type of season a coach such as Kerr would dread he & Draymond Green are most likely going through this tough time together and will need to focus on improving in both areas to not only prepare for the upcoming next season but this current season they’re in winning is a tradition that the Warriors have employed through out the years and will most likely need to focus on getting more wins in this current season to improve for next year.

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