Surprising Facts About Angelfish

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These fish originate in South America.

Angelfish have a ton of different variations and can show a bunch of different colors.

They live for a while

The freshwater angelfish as well as the saltwater angelfish all have a decent lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Aggressive fish

Angelfish are known from owners that their fish will eat other fish.

These fish are known to give off a appearance of peace but can sometimes over a long amount of time get so aggressive they will get angry if they feel crammed together.

Some of them can get long

The gray angelfish is among the largest and can reach lengths up to 24 inches.

History of mutations

The isolation of these fish create a ton of different variations and wide array of colors.


During the mating season these fish will get aggressive toward one another and fish each other over mates. The males will fight among each other as the female becomes very protective over her off spring.

Different Diets

If a angelfish is in there natural habitat they’ll normally eat insects and arthropods.

A fish that is a pet will most likely eat flakes or pellets.

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