Surprising Facts About Blue Whale

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Largest animal ever

The boldest thing about a blue whale is the fact that it can grow to be 30m long and can weigh up to 130,000kg.

A large blue whale has a legitimate chance of being longer than two standard school buses.

They eat a lot

The blue whale is such a big animal it needs to consume a lot. Ironically enough this big fish doesn’t feed on the bigger fish to survive, it loves to eat shrimp and krill.

Typically a huge whale will eat up to four tonnes of krill every day.

Not as safe for Blue Whale

The blue whales don’t have it easy although they barely have any predators to worry about. Sharks and killer whales often times will target them and impacts from big ships cause multiple deaths each year.

Almost everywhere

The blue whale is all over the worlds multiple oceans. The Arctic makes for the one place they do not go. They’re usually swimming alone or in small groups of 2 or 4.

Whale tongue

The whale’s mouth is huge and has bristles to help filter through it’s source of food.

A whale can keep up to 5,000kg of water and plankton in their mouths.

They talk to each other

Whales will communicate with one another, the blue whale will make a ton of super loud vocal sounds and the sounds they make are among the loudest of the creatures on the planet.

These sounds can be heard underwater from very far away.

Not deep water swimmers

The blue whale can be mistaken for always being deep under the water. They hunt under the water but the whale is required to come up if they’re going to use their blowhole. This helps them breathe underwater and rises up vertically.

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