Surprising Facts About Coral

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Can be any size

The coral are known for this style of looking similar to deer antlers. They can also look like brains and honey combs.

They look like plants

Upon first seeing these coral, you may think they’re plants but they are actually animals. The closest to relationship to the coral is jellyfish.

Could help with cancer

The new development of medicine has been headlines by coral animals. They could also help with medicine for cancer patients.

Three types

You can find three types of coral reefs. The barrier reefs, fringing reefs and the atolls. These reefs range in location, fringing reefs usually are closer to shore.

Helps protect the shorelines

These coral reefs will help protect shorelines, they protect during the stormy weather.

Humans threaten coral

Coral has many ways of being damaged, the primary methods are physical damage, pollution, toxic substances and trash.

Need sunlight

Corals focus more on growing toward the sunlight, they naturally grow better in shallow waters.

The best places for coral to thrive is tropical seas.

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