Surprising Facts About Dugong

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Plants Only

The dugong are 100% herbivorous, meaning they only eat plants.

These fish are tropical animals and have up to 37 different species in different countries.

Long Lives

The dugongs are considered tough fish and have a long life span of up to 70 years.

Land Relatives

The closest relative you can find to the dugong is none other than the elephant. The males grow their tusks once they reach a certain point of maturity. The female dugong will also get her tusk as she gets older and possible have it erupt as she ages.

Other Names

You may also hear someone refer to the dugong as a sea cow. This is another name that comes from their strong and graze on the sea grasses they’ll uproot.

Possibly Guess Their Age

You can do a estimate of a dugong’s age by looking at the amount of rings you see on their tusks, it’s similar to that of a tree.

Different Relatives

The dugongs are unique creatures technically more related to manatees, but the resembles to dolphins, whale and porpoises lead to other beliefs.

They could possibly be descendants of land mammals such as elephants or whales in theory.

The Way They Breathe

Dugongs get their oxygen by breathing above the surface of the water with their nostrils.

However dugongs can hold their breathe up to 11 minutes and dive up to 33 metres.


Dugongs are great listeners and can hear very well, these fish however do not have good eyesight.

They comunicate with one another with chips and squeaks, they also use barks of some sort to speak to one another sounds that travel through water.

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