Surprising Facts About Dungeness Crab

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The dungeness crab season starts in the winter season.

The months to lookout for the dungeness is around the middle of November and early December.

The season will last until July.


Mating will happen in May and August. The water temperatures determine this.

The warmer the crabs are will also determine when mating season begins.

Easy to catch

These crabs aren’t difficult for a person to catch. You’ll need a crab trap, you’ll usually catch between 10-15 daily if you’re located close to these crabs.

Baby Crabs

The female began’s to create her eggs once she mates with the male. They will come out attached to the female body for about 3 to 5 months.

Baby dungeness crabs are capable taking care of themselves the moment they’re born.

Fishing Industry

The fishing industry has thrived in years of selling the dungeness crab is considered a top sellers.

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