Surprising Facts About Estuarine Crocodiles

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Otherwise known as “Saltwater Crocodile” these animals can be found in Northern Australia, India and Southeast Asia.

These crocodile love to live in saltwater and they’ll spend most their days at sea swimming and hunting.

Estuarine Crocodile appearance

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This ground bounded creatures has eyes and nostrils that are set on top of it’s head. Thick skin, long tail and a with clawed webbed feet.

The color of the adult is an dark goldfish color, some can be grey or black.


The estuarine crocodiles are great hunters, they will lurk near the surface of the water. They will wait and stop until they can find their prey.

The crocodile will eat wild boar, sharks, monkeys and buffalo. Typically they will jump out of the water and strike the victim dragging them to the water until the animal drowns.

Male or Female

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The typical way to know the sex of the offspring is the temperature of the nest that the eggs are laid in. Lower temperatures will product majority females, while higher temperatures will product majority males.

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