Teacher Arrested For Having Sexual Relationship With 14-Year-Old Boy

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Former Florida middle school teacher, Stephanie Ferri was arrested Wednesday for her sexual engagement with a 14-year-old student for several months.
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Ferri, 26, bought weed and sent nudes to the teen during the coarse of their relationship, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

The teen said the 26-year-old former teacher threatened him not to tell anyone and that his grades tumbled from As, Bs and a few Cs, to multiple Fs because he often skipped classes to hang out with Ferri.

Detectives found out about the alleged relationship on Tuesday, after the boy told his parents, the sheriff’s office said. One of the boy’s parents had received a call from a male teacher asking if he could mentor the teen. The parent thought that the call was strange and jokingly asked the teen if the teacher was going to molest him, According to a charging affidavit.

“Anyone could molest you,” the teen said, as he began crying.

The teen then told his parents that he had been sneaking out around 11 p.m. at night, when Ferri would drive him to her house a few miles away to have sex. The affidavit said the two had sex multiple times, including once in her car while parked in her driveway and twice inside a barn at the teen’s house.

Authorities also said Ferri, was the boy’s science teacher when he was in seventh grade. One day, while the boy was hanging out in her classroom, Ferri let him log into his Instagram account on her phone because he didn’t have a smartphone. The boy left his Instagram account open, and Ferri began sending him messages through his own account, the affidavit said.

She often would discuss her marriage with the teen. Court records show she filed for divorce back in February.

Ferri began substituting at Volusia County Schools in October 2010 and six years later was the Science teacher. She resigned on Monday for “personal reasons.”

She was arrested on suspicion of committing a lewd or lascivious battery and one count of transmitting harmful materials to a child. Ferri is being held on a $25,000 bond.

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