The Change in Family Forming Dynamics

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The Change in Family Forming Dynamics 1681211887

The world is always changing and the way we meet and connect with new people has evolved over the years too. People went from going out to bars to meet for a first date to logging into a zoom call for a first date. Since technology changed our perception of dating, it really was just a matter of time before it changed our perception of forming a family.

When you are in your early twenties it is seen as a red flag when you mention wanting kids to your significant other during the formation of a relationship but as you grow older most of the time knowing their thoughts and feelings about parenthood is what makes or breaks the relationship.

For many women love and relationships take time to develop and in recent years with women deciding to settle down later in life, the idea that their biological clock is ticking has really set in. Because of this a new way to create a family called co-parenting has become a recent trend.

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What Is Co-Parenting?
Essentially co-parenting is when two parties both have an interest in starting a family but are not necessarily interested in a relationship. Through a co-parenting arrangement both parties can have a child together without the need for a long term romantic relationship. In fact, according to Modamily “ platonic co-parenting can allow you support in raising your child, since it brings another parenting figure in the child’s life without you needing to engage in a romantic relationship”.

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How Does Co-Parenting Work?
In order to have a good, longstanding co-parent relationship it is best to set up a co-parenting contract. Through a co-parenting contract both parties can clearly define what they want to achieve from the arrangement and the rules involved. After all since in most cases a co-parent is a legal guardian of the child it is important to create an agreement that mentions all the ways in which each person will be involved in the child’s life physically, financially, and emotionally.

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Are There Alternatives?
If this co-parenting trend isn’t for you, there are many alternatives that you might be more familiar with. One is of course traditional dating, known donor relationships or adoption.
With so many options and details available for each of these options you might feel overwhelmed. For this reason many services have been created to help potential parents find what route to parenthood works best for them. One of those services is Modamily.

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What Is Modamily?
Modamily is a platform created to help anyone who is ready to start a family and help educate them on all of the ways they can make that happen. “We connect and educate people who are looking to start a family in any arrangement that works best for them, whether it be a romantic relationship, a platonic co-parent, or a known donor” says Ivan Fatovic, the CEO of Modamily.

The Modamily service works by matching up potential parents based on their results acquired from the service’s Parenting and Lifestyle quiz. The quiz helps to determine who would make an ideal partner based on factors such as similar vision, values and ethics when it comes to raising a child. Through this quiz Modamily is able to increase the odds of both parties becoming parents, but apart from being a parental matchmaking network Modamily is a source for knowledge and guidance in all aspects of parenting.

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What Resources Does Modamily Offer?
With the latest addition to the Modamily network being the Concierge service, its members now have the opportunity to talk one on one with Modamily staff, who help guide them through their search process of finding a co-parent, donor, or surrogate.

Apart from being a matchmaking service, Modamily also serves as a resource for “information about co-parenting and sperm donor laws, fertility options, pregnancy health and well-being, and best practices recommendations on how best to responsibly embark on a parental journey” through its informational blog which written and curated by Ivan Fatovic the CEO of Modamily.

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What Does All Of This Mean?
Thanks to the rise of services such as Modamily, societal norms towards starting a family on your own terms are changing. Now it is acceptable to consider that the person with whom you decide to raise children might not be the same person that you grow old with. Although starting a family should never be taken lightly with more options available, parenthood is now a more achievable goal than before. Afterall, according to Modamily “there’s plenty of time to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, but only a limited time to find Mommy or Daddy Right”.

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