The Finer Details To Focus On When Decorating Your Bedroom

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When you decorate your bedroom with the bare essentials like a bed, drawer, nightstand and a place to sit at the foot of a bed, you need to prepare for the next stage. The next stage of decorating a bedroom focuses on those finer details.

The Finer Details To Focus On When Decorating Your Bedroom 1524658317

The right bedding

First and foremost, you deserve some nice and quality bedding. The right linen should be quality, comfortable and stylish. Pick a color that goes well with your overall decor. If white is your color, stick to it. If vibrant colors make you feel good and happy, go for red shades, blue, green and purple. You can also combine sensual feeling fabrics like silk or cashmere and even velvet with your regular bed linens.

The lighting

Even though you won’t spend the majority of your time in your bedroom, you’ll still need the proper source of light. Put one bed lamp next to each side of the bed so that you can light the room up when you read or journal. A ceiling lighting is a must since you’ll need to vacuum the room, sort out your wardrobe or even get ready for a night out in town. Just install a dimmer to each lamp and adjust the lighting according to your needs.

Soft carpet

When we get out of the bed, we want to land our bare feet on something soft and warm. A room without a carpet feels cold and incomplete. The same can be applied to your bedroom decor. You can add an area rug that extends to both sides of the bed so that you can put your feet on it once you jump out of bed. You can go for smaller rugs also and place one per each side of the bed. This way, you’ll still have something soft to land on and you won’t cover the entire floor with it.

A mirror

There are two reasons to have a full-length mirror in your bedroom. Reason number one – it can make a small room look larger if you position it strategically. Mirrors can give depth to any room so make sure you have one in each room. Reason number two – since you get dressed in your bedroom, you’ll need a mirror so that you can properly judge your outfit for the day. It’s not only a handy tool, but it’s also an amazing decorative touch. If you add some string light to it, you can use it to apply your makeup as well.

Beautifully dressed windows

Even though a naturally lit room with a large window looks great in magazines, it can be a nuisance if you love to sleep late. That is why you have to have proper window treatments in your bedroom. Not only do they shield you from the morning sunlight, but they also provide some privacy. But, if you still wish to keep the source of natural light and cover your windows, go for modern roman blinds. You’ll get to choose the fabric, color, and type of blinds that you like best.

Personal details

When you decorate your home, each room should have a personal touch. Make every room your own by adding various personal details. If you are especially fond of a certain color, add details in that color. If you are a bookworm, make sure you have books in every room. This way you’ll showcase your hobby and always have a book closeby if you wish to read. You can also frame some of your favorite photographs and hang them in your bedroom. Also, add at least one potted plant to your personal oasis. It will purify the air and also serve as a nice, personal touch.

Eye-catching art

The area above the headboard is a perfect place for some eye-catching pieces of art. If your overall decor is in neutral colors, you can use paint to add some bold colors. If your room has a theme and it encompasses shades of one color, you can also elevate the decor with a painting in the same color. Either way, pick something that you’d love looking at every day and find a place for it in your bedroom.

Lastly, since the bedroom is a place to relax and renew, try to make it an oasis of calm. The bedroom should be a tech-free space if you want to relax and sleep better.

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