The Price Of Avocado Is Rising To Nearly Double The Price

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Many people & restaurant owners are noticing a trend in the Avocado market.

The prices are constantly on the rise, last year in 2018 the average price for a avocado was $1.17 fast forward to 2019 and now the average price is $2.10.

In the first week of July, The price of a 25 pound box was $84.25, this is in comparison to the $37 dollar price tag last year.

USA Today reports “This is the highest price for this time of year in at least a decade, probably more,”.

It’s been more then a decade since prises were this high, supply & demand for avocados has reached a all-time high in the past year.

The higher avocado prices are effecting the Austin area Austin 360 reports. Some people have temporarily removed avocados from their menus altogether, restaurant owners are not happy with the prices and might keep it that way until prices lower again.

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