The Reason You May Want To Stop Smoking Blunts

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Blunts are an old time favorite to some that have been smoking marijuana for years. Some people can’t smoke marijuana without rolling it in their favorite scented black and mild, while others have moved on to more safer alternatives such as vaping or papers. Some people just love blunts and don’t care to try a different option. Whatever your reason for using blunts, the question of whether they’re healthy for you or not will always pop up.

The Reason You May Want To Stop Smoking Blunts 356333151

The biggest draw back of smoking blunts is the fact you’ll most likely use up more marijuana without it actually going towards your high (bummer). To stuff a blunt means you’ll use more marijuana to fill the blunt up, often times this means it will make it more difficult to conserve your eighth or quarter for longer periods of time.

Blunts also include a ton of artificial flavors that do not help your health, this may not be as harmful for you as you may think — but instead, can seriously deflate the flavor of your favorite plant. The primary health risk in smoking blunts is that it contains tobacco, making the risks obvious. Smoking tobacco can cause some serious damage not only to your lungs but to your entire body.

Bottom Line: The tobacco inside of a blunt can lead to things such as lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. Whether you care or not about your health, smoking blunts can seriously destroy the way you view marijuana and you may miss out on it’s benefits entirely if you decide to smoke it with a blunt.

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