This Robot Will Fold Your Laundry For You, And Yes, Yes, Yes!

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If there is a chore I absolutely despise most, that would be folding laundry. Being a mom of three the piles of clothes to fold never end, ever! Thanks to a new robot, folding has become much easier. The FoldiMate showed off its laundry-folding robot this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the largest tech convention in the world.
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The folding machine was debuted at the CES two years ago, and is still getting people hyped up over it on social. The robot, that folds each piece of clothing perfectly, is still in prototype mode.

While the robot, priced at $980, seems like a dream…there are some downsides to it — It can’t fold socks, underwear and not even toddler and baby clothes, which is the most annoying items to fold. The machine can process clothes for kids 5 and up to a man’s XXL.

However, your little one wont be little for long, so the machine that is about the size of a copy machine still totally seems worth it! The FoldiMate folds about 25 pieces of laundry, such as shirts, towels, pillowcases and adult-size XXL, in less than five minutes.

It is a huge time saver but it does require you to feed the machine each piece of clothing, so some effort is still required. If you are wanting to purchase the FoldiMate for your home, it will be available late 2019.

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