This Selfie Hack Helps You Capture Everyone In A Group Photo

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TikTok is coming through once again to make our lives a little easier. The latest hack to go viral is from TikTok user @josh_atkinsonn, who told his followers a genius trick to take group photos when there isn’t anyone around to take the photo for you.

@josh_atkinsonnGroup Photo Hack ##fyp

♬ original sound – josh_atkinsonn

The hack is easily done by using your phone’s panorama feature.  Here is how to use the hack: Everyone in your group can pose in a line, except for one person taking the picture. The person taking the picture will slowly move the phone from the left to the right. Once the camera reaches past the first person, the one holding the phone will stop while the first one in line takes the phone from them. That person will then take the rest of the panorama while the first one holding the phone goes to the end of the line.

The end result is a perfect group selfie where everyone is pictured without the help of Photoshop. Watch the TikTok clip above to get the step-by-step break down.

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