Tips To Keep Your Home Upholstery Items Looking Like New

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After spending a long day at work, all of us look forward to reaching home to relax and spend quality time with family. A clean and healthy home brings in a positive energy and relaxing environment. The furniture and the upholstery is exploited the most in the area where you and your family spend time together. Extra care needs to be taken while maintaining such corners of your home.

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As you spend your valuable time in the family den, it is prone to get dirt, grime, stains, pet hair and might start smelling bad. To ensure the cleanliness and reduce wear and tear, treat every item of upholstery separately. here is a list of some of the tips that help you in keeping your home upholstery looking like new for a long time:

Ways Of Cleaning:

Based on the material code and washing code on the tag of the upholstery, you can use:

● Dry vacuum cleaning : Should be done at least once a week. This helps in removing the dust, debris, grime and pet hair. This also reduces the bad order, if any.

Upholstery steam cleaner​ : Also known as steam vacuums​, ​is more effective as it uses shampoo or detergent specially formulated for upholstery cleaning. This helps in removing stubborn stains, odor and heavy soils.

● Dry cleaning: Regular upholstery should be dry cleaned by professionals at least once in three months. Delicate upholstery should only be cleaned by professionals. This should not be treated at home as it may cause damage to the fabric.
Do’s And Don’ts While Cleaning Your Upholstery:


● Even if you plan to deep clean your couch, curtains and carpets, it is advised that dry vacuuming should be done before using the steam vacuum.

● Run a soft brush to loosen the dirt, dried stains and pet hair.

● Pre-treat the stains. Ideally stains should be dealt with on an immediate basis. Dried stains are
tough to remove.

● Remove the cushions and clean the corners of the couch.

● Fluff the seating cushions and change the side to even out the wear.

● If the furniture has removable and machine washable covers, put them back while they are
slightly damp for better fit.

● Avoid washing the covers in the machine as this may lead to tough to remove creases.

● Following the wash care instruction is a must while cleaning the upholstery.

● Make sure to clip the loose threads with scissors instead of pulling them.

● Don’t let the dust settle on the curtains. Shake them lightly to avoid the dust to settle.

● Use of lining in the curtains will save from direct exposure to the sun thus protecting the fabric
color from fading.

● Always iron the upholstery items on the reverse side.

● Secure the embellishments while cleaning the upholstery.


● Never use harsh brushes to remove the dirt as it may permanently damage the fabric.

● If you have kids or pets at home, avoid using the sofa’s with embroidered fabric.

● Avoid placing the upholstered furniture in the area where a direct sunlight falls on it as it may fade
the fabric.

● Avoid folding or bending of the throw cushions while resting on them.

● Avoid wearing shoes as this will bring less dirt and will help in keeping the place cleaner.

● Curtains with linings should never be washed with water as it may lead to shrinking of one of the
two fabrics.

● If you are machine washing your upholstery, avoid using hot or even lukewarm water. Use only
cold water and mild detergent.
For keeping that commonly used corner of your home germ free, dirt free and odor free, keep in mind the tips mentioned above. Send us your suggestions and tips in the comment section.

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