Tips To Make Kids Parties More Engaging And Fun

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Kids parties should be fun and exciting. Adults can get away with dull parties as long as they socialize. But this won’t work at a kid’s party. If you aren’t convinced, try setting up a kid’s party with few or no fun activities, and the frustration on the kids’ faces will tell it all. Luckily, there are numerous ideas on how to make a kid’s party more fun. There are various party games and activities that you can adapt to match your party theme.

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Here are ideas to try out:

1. Book a show

Hiring kids’ party entertainment professionals are perhaps the best way to entertain guests at the party. Skilled performers will keep kids entertained and occupied. The parents will also get the chance to feel like kids. Magicians share a lot of jokes, tricks, and illusions, which can inspire kids and parents alike. Their services are affordable, and there are various packages to meet your needs.

When hiring the entertainers, consider a few things like picking a party theme. By so doing, you’ll find it easier to choose the right kid entertainers, food, drinks, and decorations. Your child’s age also matters. Most kids don’t mind clowns around but ensure that they aren’t scary. There are also other types of kids entertainers, and these are, for example, face painters, puppeteers, and clowns.

2. Plan fun games and activities

Games are an excellent source of fun for kids and are kids’ party ideas for boys and girls. Arrange for popular games or offer something new altogether and hire games equipment. Start the activities immediately to warm up the kids. Decorate the kids with face painting, hand stamps, or washable tattoos, and this sets up the party mood. Here is a list of birthday games to consider;

  •         Balloon ping pong
  •         Spin the nail polish bottle
  •         Marbles
  •         Indoor bowling
  •         Dominoes

Also, look for fun video games for kids, and these will keep the kids engaged and amused. Incorporate exciting activities for kids to keep them busy. Great examples are; dance party, Yoda, freeze tag, Duck goose, or scavenger hunt outside.

3. Go with the flow!

Various activities will be going on at the party, and you expect anything to happen. Instead of fighting some things, go with the flow. For instance, you may be putting up space for the kids to play their favorite games, only to realize that they are quietly sitting on the table and already snacking. Even if you had planned to serve lunch after the party, the best way to handle this is to do it instantly. But, speak to your entertainers and let them know that they may have to accommodate a few schedule changes.

4. Get a bouncing castle

Bounce castles are large inflatable toys that you can easily set up in any open space. They come in appealing colors, cool slides, and obstacles, and most kids adore them. They are the perfect backdrop you’re your kid’s party. With the bouncing castle, kids can jump, run around and stay inside the castle as long as it makes them happy. They are also safe, and kids can have fun there all day. Moreover, you can easily buy one online from your local retailer, or hire, if you don’t intend to use it in the future.

Final thoughts

For most kids, feeling special and valued is enough to make them a party successful. Are you wondering how to make a kid’s party more fun? To make your kids enjoy more, listen to their wishes, and the ideas they might be having. Once you identify what the kids love, you can plan enjoyable activities to satisfy their needs.


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