Top 3 Ways To Download A YouTube Video

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YouTube has the broadest collection of video content on the internet. It can make a person sit in front of the computer screen for days and still have plenty left in terms of various tutorials, movies, series, and much more than the brain can process. However, some videos can seem really astonishing or touching that leaving them on the internet space can be challenging. The best thing to do then is loading them onto the system storage, but how? Would it be legal to download any content from YouTube?

You can do this by using some of the best and safe options for downloading that abide by the law and also don’t compromise your privacy. These methods are fast and require less to no input from the user to provide reliable and high-quality video and audio content. So make sure that if you’re using some other method than the ones mentioned down below, you’re in for quality and quantity. Otherwise, keep reading further down:
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Add an Add-on

Add-ons are great for many reasons as they supply convenience to browser users to have everything they need in one place. They also make the browser experience a faster and up to date run than ones without add-ons. Hence, if you want to quickly add YouTube videos to your downloads for work or personal purposes, getting an add-on for the browser you use can be the best way. You simply have to search the YouTube downloader add-on for your browser and download it. Then follow the simple instructions and download quick YouTube files.

Use a Simple YouTube Downloader

Getting YouTube videos through dedicated YouTube downloaders is the best option. Since they are made explicitly for downloading YouTube videos, they are the best in quality and simple to use with several other options for downloading. You can choose from different qualities, like 4K or lower, get any format you need from youtube to mp4, mp3, and more. Other than that, you can engage in batch downloads, secure application structures that don’t require a lot of information, and simple interfaces that support quick downloads.

VLC Media Player

Did you know that VLC is a great way to watch and download YouTube videos from? It would help if you tried this now. Downloading from VLC is secure and easy, just like from a YouTube downloader. It requires a link of a YouTube or any content creator sites’ for that matter. Here is the method, from the Media menu, select Open Network Stream (Ctrl+N) and paste in the URL. Click Play. When the video is playing, go to Tools > Codec Information. There is a box at the bottom called “Source”; copy the URL you find in that box. Then paste this source on the browser, and when the video is playing, you can download the video from the options and store it on your pc. This method is easy; however, it doesn’t give you more than 1080p in quality or options to convert the file into other formats.

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