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Our sleeping habits have come a long way since the time humanity only used animal fur or a piece of wood as the support for the overnight rest. Now we have an entire science of sleep working to create the perfect beds for us. The industry provides products for any preferences, and the smart items are rapidly taking the market. We can rely on our mattresses to adjust their firmness level, temperature, and position. There are smart tracking apps which can give us suggestions on how to improve our sleeping habits. I did some reading on Try Mattress, and I found out about top-notch products capable of connecting with smart home devices and gather information on the owner’s eating or exercising habits.

So, how to choose from so many options? Square or round beds? Firm or soft mattresses; foam or gel or maybe latex, red, black or purple – or maybe white? Classic or futuristic design? An endless variety of possibilities and combinations makes it feasible for any of us to have the desired bedroom, whether it would resemble a bold starship or a fairy tale castle. I put together some of the most beautiful and high-tech mattresses and bedrooms options that caught my eye; maybe you’ll find some inspiration amidst them.

The Amerisleep Revere or AS2

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One of the most praised and popular mattresses available on the market today, the AS2 features a combination of foam layers which provide firmness, cushion, and support. The mattress comes with a thermo-reactive cover that turns body heat into infrared light. It is comfortable and not too expensive.

The Beauty rest Black Mariela Luxury

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This firm mattress comes in black, and it is perfect for modern bedrooms combining black and white pieces of furniture. The product is durable, elegant and offers a reasonable level of comfort considering its thickness. The high cost is not to be ignored, though.

The Eight Sleep Smart Mattress

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The four-layered foam product comes with a smart cover with impressive features, like sleep tracking, bed warming, connecting with other smart home devices, smart alarm and comfort options. It is one of the best high-tech mattresses on the market.

The Sealy Optimum Inspiration Gold

Top 8 Coolest Looking Mattresses #038; Bedrooms 256173967
Reviews indicate this product as one of the best in the gel-infused category and cooling technologies. The mattress has gel infused foams in each layer, including memory and poly foams. It scores very well in motion isolation and conformity.

The Canopy Bed Frame

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Wood, metal, and aluminum are some of the material this company uses to create royal exquisite bed frames which give an elegant and original look to any bedroom. Some models have drawers applied to the bed frame, so they are also practical, not just beautiful.

The Fancy Girl Bedroom

Top 8 Coolest Looking Mattresses #038; Bedrooms 806946488
Purple round bed and a black mattress in an elegant purple and white room with an oval mirror – this is one fairy tale bedroom! The circular beds are a fresh alternative to the classic four squared ones, and they give way to creative solutions when it comes to designing a bedroom around them. 

The Perfect Lighted Bedroom

Top 8 Coolest Looking Mattresses #038; Bedrooms 1295178710
Experts say every room in the house requires a different kind of lighting. The bedrooms present quite a challenge for designers because they need the right amount of light for relaxing activities but also for the moments of rest. Modern house designs play with LED lighting and create amazing rooms.

 The Somnus-Neu

Top 8 Coolest Looking Mattresses #038; Bedrooms 1733968935
High-class design meets revolutionary technology: comfort, connectivity, audio, video, lighting, and elegance – these are all elements which combine to create a unique bed meant to offer its owner a futuristic experience. This bed has it all: smart features, music, movie screen, LED lights, a video projector, and a hand-crafted wooden bed head.

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