Top Low-Carb Instant Pot Recipes

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Instant pots have taken over the market in the past few months and you may have heard about them from someone or have seen online. These instant machines are offering numerous benefits, which are helping them gain popularity. An instant pot is a kind of pressure cooker or slow cooker that you can use for making homemade yogurt, rice, etc. The advanced instant pots launched in the market have got multiple functions like air frying, baking, reheating, broiling and many more.
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Basically, you can use these instant pots to cook your food the way you like it by using various programmable features. You can also use an instant pot as a slow cooker which eliminates the need for a slow cooker. If you like to keep yourself fit and frequently munch on healthy dishes, then it is an ideal fit in your kitchen as you can use it for making your favorite instant pot low carb recipes. If you want to know more about the recipes in detail, then dig into the article and give a treat to your taste buds.

Let’s have a look at some of the easy low carb instant pot recipes.

Eggplant Lasagna

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It is a saucy, cheesy and protein-packed low carb instant pot veggie lasagna which proves to be a very comforting and healthy dish.


Medium zucchini, eggplant, kosher salt, one medium red onion, bell pepper, tomato-based sauce, low-fat cottage cheese, two large eggs and some mozzarella cheese.


• Slice the eggplant and zucchini lengthwise that resemble lasagna noodles
• Spread some kosher salt on the veggies and let it sit for at least 15mins to drain off the excess liquid
• Grill the eggplant and zucchini on an outdoor grill until they turn light brown in color
• Coat the instant pot with non-stick spray and beat the cottage cheese and eggs alongside in a bowl
• Create the first layer using eggplant, cottage cheese, bell peppers and onions, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce
• Likewise, create another using Zucchini and cover the pot for 2-3 hours until the eggplant turns tender and your eggplant lasagna is ready!

Low-Carb Jambalaya

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This Instant pot Jambalaya will make you use different functions of the pot, especially sauté function.


Ghee, chicken pieces, bell peppers, onion, celery, cloves, sliced tomatoes, one medium head of cauliflower, cauli rice, sausage and the mixed seasoning


• Firstly, press the sauté button on instant pot and add some ghee
• Once it gets hot, add some chicken pieces, bell peppers and onion and stir occasionally until the ingredients get soft
• After that, add celery, cloves, sliced tomatoes, one medium head of cauliflower, cauli rice, sausage and the mixed seasoning and give it a quick stir
• Secure the lid and press manual button and set the timer for 3 mins at high pressure
• Once the timer gets finished, let the pressure release naturally for 15 mins and taste the dish!

Low Carb Strawberry Cheesecake

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If you are on a diet, this cheesecake recipe will help you to stay on the track.


8-ounce blocks of full fat cream, sugar substitute, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 2 eggs and a handful of fresh strawberries.


• Firstly, grease the pan from inside and mix the cream cheese with the help of a blender until it gets smooth
• Add sugar and vanilla extract and give it a blend
• Add eggs, one at a time and mix well
• Pour the batter in the pan and place it on the bottom of the instant pot and add water by 1 inch in the pot
• Close the pot and cook for 20 minutes
• Allow the cake to lower down to room temperature and refrigerate for several hours
• Before serving, dice some strawberries on top of it and serve!

Garlic Lemon Butter Artichokes

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This dish is a great appetizer to feed a crowd.


3 medium-sized artichokes, salt, garlic cloves, lemon, butter and water.


• Cut the bottom and tops of all the artichokes and add them to the instant pot
• Add a pinch of salt and pepper along with the garlic
• Squeeze some lemon juice and put butter slices on top of them
• Add some water to the bottom of the pot and cook for 3.5 hours while keeping the lid closed
• You can have them with melted butter or mayonnaise as well.

Enjoy the delight of having yummy and healthy instant pot recipes!

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