Travel Bag Essentials You Should Have On Your Checklist

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Got a big trip planned? You might need a checklist of the essential things that you must carry whether it is a business trip or leisure so that you don’t encounter any packing mishap like heading to Iceland without your winter gloves or visiting UAE without sunscreen. Let’s run down this carefully planned list that would help you during your packing, save your time, and reduce the stress fatigue.

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1- Get your hands on the right travel bag: Before getting on to what to pack, you must find a travel bag that fulfils the criteria: premium quality, lightweight, easy to carry, stylish, and fits all
your stuff perfectly. It is smart to choose a leather bag due to its sturdiness and aesthetic appeal. You bag size varies on how long your trip will be.

2- Destination Clothing: The type of clothes you should prepare depends on your destination. If you are travelling to cold areas then you should pack leather boots, leather jacket, vest, jeans, and fleece leggings, thermal wear, beanie and socks, scarf, leather gloves, ear muffs, jeans. Otherwise, if you are travelling in summers then shorts, skirts, hats, tank tops, dress shirts, cotton or linen shirts, jeans, sandals, a pair of flip-flops, swimsuits, dress, a lightweight jacket for a formal evening.

Basic Clothing Item: Other than the seasonal clothing, there are some basics including socks, nightwear, underwear, belts, rain jackets or umbrella, some extra slippers along with a pair of
formal leather shoes as you might need them for a formal party or business meetings. In both scenarios, stylish leather shoes never fail to create a lasting impression. Find a variety of durable and stylish leather shoes at Elite Leather. They also have a huge variety of fashion gloves Make sure to layer clothes for saving space as well as carry laundry bags to separate your dirty

3- Toiletries: Toiletries are just as essential as your clothing if you prefer to be clean and hygienic on your trip. Pack all your toiletries in a pouch for easy access: toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, deodorant, soap, small shampoo bottles, brush or comb, facewash, lotion, sunscreen, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, shaving gel and razor, moisturizer, sunscreen, and nail filer are some
essentials. Other stuff can include a facial cleanser, tweezers, contact lenses and solutions, makeup remover, feminine hygiene products.

4- First-Aid Kit: To be prepared for any minor injury during your trip, carry a medical kit which includes pain relievers, bandages, cotton, first aid ointment, insect repellent and any specific medication that you take.

Hand Carry Items: Carry a small hand luggage to keep your laptop, chargers, memory card, emergency contact list, credit card, wallet, copies of passport, mobile phone, and ear pods so that
you can access all valued item easily and don’t miss them out in case your travel bag gets misplaced at airport.

If you are travelling by road on a bike, then it’s highly suggested to wear bike riding gloves to reduce friction and protect your hands. Check out Elite Leather for all your leather item needs and to have a happy travelling experience.

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