Tristan Thompson Gets Thrown Out Of Game For Slapping Player On The Butt

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We’ve seen news such as Doc Rivers & His son going at it ultimately leading to the coach of the Clippers being ejected.

In recent news, Tristan Thompson was thrown out of a game for slapping player Jae Crowder on the butt.

It’s been trending in the NBA to butt slap each other, This happened during a free throw break.

Thompson went to the free throw line, Crowder passed by him he reached down to smack him on the butt.

This most likely was a suggestion of “Good Job”.

Thompson drew the Tech shortly after that for the attempt and the refs flagged him during the game.

Reporters caught up with Crowder about the situation and asked him about the situation.

Crowder responded “A lot of barking and no bite, we will leave it at that,”.

The two players were once team mates before Crowder was traded to the Utah Jazz and eventually ending up in Memphis.

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