Trump Thrashes Former Aide Omarosa Calls Her ‘that dog’

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Trump and Omarosa have been going at each other for some while now, Tuesday trump referred to his former colleague as “that dog!”.

The pressure on Manigault Newman increased, as the Trump presidential campaign filed arbitration action against her, alleging a breach of a confidentiality agreement.

Trump tweeted a lot of insults towards her and her new tell-all book, She’s also released audio recordings and continues to attempt to expose Trump.

Trump tweeted “When you give a crazed, crying lowlife a break, and give her a job at the White House, I guess it just didn’t work out,” Trump said. “Good work by General Kelly for quickly firing that dog!” John Kelly is White House chief of staff.

Manigault Newman fired back in an interview on MSNBC, saying: “If he would say that publicly, what else would he say about me privately?”

Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said on Monday while appearing on “Fox And Friends” that Newman may have broken some laws by recording the private conversation of her being fired, however national security experts say she most likely did not violate any rules given the conversation wasn’t classified.

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