Vermont Paying People $10,000 To Move There

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If you’re looking to relocate consider Vermont they’re paying people up to $10,000 if they’re willing to move there and work remotely.

Governor Phil Scott signed a bill on Wednesday that will pay people nearly $10,000 over the course of two years if they’re willing to move to there and work remotely for an out-of-state company.

People who partake will get reimbursed for their relocation expenses, co-working memberships, computers, internet and anything work related.

The bill specifies the state has allotted for 100 grants and for the first time in three years an additional 20 grants every subsequent year. The grants will be given out on a first come, first served basis.

“We have about 16,000 fewer workers than we did in 2009. That’s why expanding our workforce is one of the top priorities of my administration,” Scott said in a statement. “We must think outside the box to help more Vermonters enter the labor force and attract more working families and young professionals to Vermont. That’s exactly what the Department of Tourism and Marketing did with this program for out-of-state visitors who may be interested in living full-time in Vermont, and I’m excited to see it move forward.”

Vermont is known to have a rapidly aging population and shrinking tax base. The Remote Worker Grant Program and Stay To Stay are hoping to fix these issue’s.

The median age for Vermont has increased by nearly 10 years, rising up to 42.8. This means Vermont has some of the oldest states citizens in the U.S.

“The only solution is to bring more people here, because through natural childbirth — we won’t get there,” Adam Grinold, executive director of the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation told NBC Boston. “The one thing we need more of in Vermont is people. We need more visitors, we need more employees, we need more business owners. We need more people.”

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