Warriors Win Back To Back NBA Championships

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The Warriors have been crowned the new NBA champs for the second season in a row. Sweeping the Cleveland Cavilers to secure the 2018 NBA championship. This was the first sweep to occur again since Lebron James got swept by the Spurs in 2007.

The Warriors faced many obstacles and would not stand down for their third championship. A highlight for Curry is he finished the game with 37 points, Kevin Durant added a triple double and 20 points. The final score being 108 – 85.

Kevin Durant was crowned the Finals MVP, Lebron James finished with 20 points.

The Warriors used the third-quarter to takeover and seize control of the game. Being up by 21 points at the end of the third quarter, they then flew to the finished line in the final 12 minutes of the game.

Steph Curry final stat was  37 points, six rebounds, four assists, three rebounds and three steals, while Kevin Durant registered 20 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists.

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