Watch This Full Coverage Foundation Completely Cover Tattoos

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A video clip of a new foundation from Coloured Rain shows a large tattoo being completely covered using the makeup.

The clip, that has been shared on Twitter more than 38k times, shows a woman applying the foundation to her arm tattoo using her fingers to gently blend the product.

While the model rubs in the foundation the tattoo seems to disappear out of site. The company shared another clip showing the same model using a lighter shade which produced the same mind blowing result.

The model also applies a much darker shade to show that it works just the same. People on Twitter are losing it over the new full-coverage foundation. ” I’m shook,” wrote one user.

The company has not released an official release date of the foundation, only confirming it will be available next year. “We appreciate the support and look forward to bringing you all the foundation in 2020,” the company shared on Twitter.

Once this foundation drops, I will be the first in line to grab a bottle!

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