What Kit Do You Need To Build A Home Grow Tent

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Growing cannabis indoors can be an expensive hobby if you haven’t invested the time in researching the essential equipment. At the same time, however, growing indoors can be effective with very high yields. This is partly due to the fact that, as the grower, you control every aspect of your growing environment. Whether it’s the nutrients, the temperature, the ventilation, the humidity, or the lighting, you determine the exact amount and frequency your marijuana plants get what they need. Now let’s explore a cost-effective way of equipping your grow box tent.

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Grow lights

The lighting setup is one of the more important aspects of equipping a grow room tent. There are a number of key decisions to be made, which includes the type of lighting, the number of lights to install, and how they should be hung. Even the room in which you grow your cannabis interacts with the lighting, so you need to take that into account as well.

A note on lighting: Lightproof

One of the first things you should do is to lightproof your grow room. While the hours your grow room is exposed to light is important, the same can be said for darkness. During a cannabis plant’s vegetative phase, it needs to be exposed to six hours of darkness. When in the flowering phase, that number increases to 12. During these dark hours, you should prevent any light coming through at all in order to avoid reverting back to the vegetative phase.


Once you have lights installed, your grow room night be at a sufficiently high temperature during the day. However, you would certainly be wise to give your plants some heat at night in order to maintain the right conditions for growth. The Highest Crop offers cost-effective and high-quality heating to help optimize your grow room environment. It’s worth pointing out that heating is even more important if you have an extractor running at night.


Another key piece of equipment for your grow room is a thermometer because you’ll need to monitor the temperature. You can get the cheapest thermometer you want, as it doesn’t matter, essentially, whether it’s analog or digital. A digital thermometer that includes a memory feature, however, helps you track longer-term trends. It’s also helpful if it can be attached to a wire as you would be able to string it to the outside of the tent. This would enable you to keep tabs on the temperature at night without causing any disturbance to the environment inside.

Controller with thermostat

You can use a controller to regulate an air extractor. If you have your lamps on, higher volumes of air will need to be extracted when they’re switched off. A controller with a thermostat helps the extractor to run to the exact amount it needs to.

Rotating fan

A fan is another key component of your grow tent setup. Ensure to have it turned on in order for it to rotate, and aim it between the lamp and the plant. You should look to create an environment that’s a combination of hot and cold air, which is perfect for a grow room. 

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