What Makes CBD Products Certifiable?

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CBD is currently a fast-growing industry. However, very few consumers understand what is in the products they are buying or the vendors that they can trust. The USA has a few standards that can help legitimate CBD merchants so that they can stand out from the crowd. CBD certification applies to all CBD products that are derived from legally cultivated hemp and any website, such as real CBD, which sells CBD products. Currently, in the US, the process of certifying CBD is only available to manufacturers and merchants of legally compliant CBD products. Read on to discover what makes CBD products certifiable.

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  1. Inclusions. For manufacturers to receive certification, they may undergo intensive education before any certification body carries out an audit. The knowledge is crucial but not mandatory for certification. The education focuses on quality management, mastering manufacturing records, best manufacturing practices, employee training, and farming techniques.
  2. Auditing and Consumer Guarantee. After the above education, the authorities audit the farmers and manufacturers. Both the manufacturer and farmers have to be held accountable for what they grow, harvest, extract, and pack for sell to consumers. Once both parties pass this audit, the company is permitted to use a certification seal on their raw material, processed goods, and finished products.
  3. Labeling. You may have noticed that the current packaging includes things such as organic, non-GMO, USDA Certified, vegan, Fair Trade Certified, and many more. These labels provide consumers with an insight into the different certifications and regulations so that they can make the best purchasing decision. While some customers may not understand the specifications of these labels, they will know that they are buying a product that follows specific legal guidelines.
  4. Educating Consumers. Another way to certify CBD products is by educating consumers. Consumers need to know what they are consuming. Hemp is a plant that contains cannabinoids, which have different uses and functions. Today, scientists have researched and recognized over 100 different cannabinoids. The ideal CBD companies will list the main cannabinoids in their products and their benefits to consumers.
  5. Importance of Certification. Any market with a growing regulatory space opens the door for fraud. The best way to ensure that your CBD product is safe is to check whether it has been third-party tested, FDA compliance, and compliant in the jurisdiction they serve. Certification also allows manufacturers to stay ahead of the competition. Selling certified products build trust with customers and business partners.

As a consumer, do not just take a company’s word that their products are safe. Having the product tested by a third-party is a sure way to know the safety, quality, and potency of your CBD product. Third-parties can check to ensure that your CBD product is free from pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals, and other foreign materials. Remember that the CBD industry is in its transition period. With improved regulations, consumers will trust that there are better days ahead. The current certification helps the public to understand the required quality for their hemp products.

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