What Makes Children Believe In The Paranormal Activities And Why It Is Normal

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The word paranormal in itself defines an unexplained activity, the existence of which is beyond scientific explanation or typical experience. Since there is no scientific explanation forsuch extrasensory experiences, people may base their arguments on suspicion, folklore or testimony. When a kid starts talking to an imaginary friend or starts perceiving some unexplained activities, it can jolt their parents. However, most parents have at one time or another reported their children having paranormal encounters such as seeing a person who isn’t there or conversing with one. 

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The line between reality and fantasy can be blurred sometimes. Whether a particular stimulus impacts a child’s psyche or whether they actually sense something that an adult doesn’t is up for debate. This phenomenon is not unnoticed by scientists and researchers in the field of psychology. Many university and college students learning psychology and writing essays about paranormal activity and how different types of people, children, animals and other perceive them. Writers may benefit from learning all there is to know about such issues, analyze examples of research essays by other specialists, such as an eduzaurus – to broaden their knowledge and aid their education. At least most of these works are similar in several theories regarding paranormal activity and its perception by children. The most common theory is that children often subconsciously or deliberately mix reality and imaginary, or cannot tell the difference between real and fictional.

Many spiritualists believe that children have a foot in the other realm, the spiritual realm as to speak. They believe that, like animals, children have a pure heart, and since they don’t have a developed cultural filter, they don’t understand what they think they need to see or unsee. This is one of the reasons why they usually have a heightened sense of intuition and can sense when an adult is sad, sick or, in some cases, even pregnant before an announcement is made. 

Developmental psychologists have a different notion on children and their ability to see ghosts or encounter paranormal activity. Some have put forth the idea that children under the age of 12 often mistake appearance, fantasy and illusion for reality. Since they are just beginning to learn what the world is like and building a perception of their own selves, it is more than normal for them to think that magic is real, that Santa and the elves are real and someone who is dressed creepily, or in an abnormal manner, is a ghost. 

Some researches also show that young children may misinterpret what they see in their peripheral vision as magical creatures such as a fairy or a ghost. These creatures can show up in an adult’s vision as well, but they are more likely than not to dismiss it based on their knowledge of perceptual processing. Most often, the ghosts that children see are imaginary, which does not indicate a mental illness at all but is actually a sign of positive child development. 

If parents are currently dealing with children who seem to have imaginary friends, the worst thing to do is to tell them that these ‘friends’ aren’t real. They must remember that children really believe that they’re there. When you force an idea upon them, they may take it as a bad learning experience and won’t tell you more about their experiences in the future. It is basically up to a guardian to encourage or discourage their belief in the paranormal universe and choose to frame their words carefully, so it doesn’t hamper their relationship at the least. 

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