Why People Are Growing Cannabis In Canada

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Cannabis was legalized in Canada about one year ago, prompting hordes of Canadians to start cultivating marijuana in their homes and greenhouses. Medical cannabis was endorsed back in 2001. However, using cannabis for recreational purposes was strictly prohibited until the Cannabis Act was passed in 2018. This act legalized the cultivation, purchase, possession and consumption of cannabis.

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To grow cannabis in Canada, you need to be licensed by the Canadian government. Currently, there are hundreds of authorized cannabis growers in the country. Ontario tops the list of cannabis growing regions in Canada, followed by British Columbia and Alberta. Cannabis Growing Canada provides insightful information on how you can kick-start a successful cannabis growing business in Canada.

Here are 4 reasons why people are growing cannabis in Canada:

  1. Huge demand for cannabis

In Canada, there’s a huge demand for cannabis and its by-products. Cannabis comes in many varieties and can either be used for medical or recreational purposes. Adults can enjoy edible cannabis in the form of sweets, gum and other treats. Cannabis extracts and topicals also exist. As more people discover the vast benefits of cannabis, its demand is quickly rising. Some cannabis products are so popular in Canada that they sell out very quickly. Apparently, the cannabis market in Canada is extremely lucrative.

  1. Robust legal framework

Before cannabis was fully legalized in Canada on October 2018, people sought it from illegal channels. Inevitably, some individuals ended up ruffling the feathers of Canadian law enforcers and paid hefty fines. The Cannabis Act was eventually passed, permitting the sale and use of cannabis for recreational (non-medical) purposes. However, the Canadian government strictly controls the retailing of cannabis. It requires producers to be licensed – there are strict laws prohibiting cannabis sale to minors. People found driving under the influence of cannabis and unregistered peddlers risk facing criminal charges and imprisonment.

  1. Cannabis is easy to cultivate

Many Canadians prefer growing cannabis at their homes because it’s so easy to cultivate. Basically, there are two main ways you can grow cannabis: seeding and cutting. Seeding involves placing cannabis seeds in a moisture-rich environment that encourages roots to sprout. Later, the seedlings are transferred into pots where they can mature into cannabis plants. Cutting, on the other hand, involves selecting some clippings from a mother plant and propagating them using water, a rooting hormone and some soil. Since growing cannabis is such an easy and straightforward process, many people are making a fortune out of it.

  1. Minimum overhead costs

Most Canadians who shy away from cultivating cannabis erroneously think that the process is overly expensive. However, growing cannabis doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You simply need to create the right conditions for your cannabis plants to flourish. First, you need soil enriched with all the essential nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. Ample lighting should also be provided. For indoor cannabis growing, invest in artificial lighting options. Overall, you don’t need a huge initial capital to invest in cannabis cultivation.

The cannabis market is booming in Canada, and savvy entrepreneurs can get a piece of the pie.

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