Woman Passenger Assaults Boyfriend On Plane For ‘looking at other women’

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A woman passenger on an airplane assaulted her boyfriend by throwing her laptop at his head for looking at other women. A video of the incident has gone viral showing the fight between the couple as they were in a fully packed plane.

“You want to try to f—ing look at other women, n—er? Nah, f–k you!” the woman screams as onlookers watch on the American Airline flight.“I wear the f—ing nuts, n—er,” she told her boyfriend, who was sitting next to her. “Watch ’til we f—ing get home.”

An air stewardess can be heard asking the furious woman to stop screaming because children were on the flight. The woman replied saying, “Yeah, I know, I f—ing consoled the f—ing child.”

Her boyfriend got fed up with her yelling and accused her of assault as he gets up to get off the plane. “Oh, I’m assaulting you? F–k you!” she screams while hitting him.

She then throws a laptop at him as he was walking down the aisle of the plane. When heading back to grab her bag, a passenger is warned by a flight attendant, saying, “you’re going to get charged with assault.”

“Fine, whatever,” she replies.

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