Your Go-To Guide to Building a Budget Home Gym

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Your Go-To Guide to Building a Budget Home Gym

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The last couple of years has shown all of us that exercising is crucial if we want to stay healthy. What’s more, these years have shown us that you don’t have to go to a huge commercial gym or private sessions with your trainer in order to stay fit, build muscles and stay healthy. It was proven by thousands of people that exercising at home is just as effective as exercising at the gym, if not better. That’s why more and more people are investing their time, money, and efforts to build home gyms tailored to their needs and fitness goals. And if you are one of those people, here is how you can create a home gym without having to spend a fortune because it is possible. 

Figure Out Your Goals

First things first – what is your fitness goal? Depending on what exercises you want to do and what your goals are, your gym will differ from everyone else’s. If you simply need to do some extra cardio at home you won’t need a lot of equipment or a lot of space at home. On the other hand, if you want to get bulky and build muscles you will need a bit more space and weights to achieve these goals. 

By setting your fitness goals you will be able to determine how much space you need, what equipment to get, and then figure out the budget. Not to mention how setting goals will help you maintain your exercising routines easier and stay on the course towards a healthy lifestyle. 

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Finding Space

Now that you know your goals you can start looking for the space in your home for a gym. If you need a bigger space for exercising you can consider transforming your spare room. If you don’t have a spare room, then the basement or the garage could be a perfect fit. What’s more, a garage, basement, or spare room can be perfect for lifting weights, provided you invest in proper flooring. If you have an empty attic, you can easily transform it into a gym, but slamming down bars with weights on the floor of an attic is not a good idea. So, if you want to exercise in your attic, consider turning it into a yoga sanctuary or a smaller gym for some cardio and light weight lifting. 

Additionally, if the weather serves you all year round and you have a backyard, you can dedicate a nook for a gym. A backyard is a perfect place for exercising since it provides plenty of open space and you can add a rack, weights, and many other pieces of equipment there. You can even turn the yard into a Crossfit sanctuary if you wish since it provides enough open space for all the stunts. 

Getting the Equipment

Now it is time to start getting equipment. This can be the priciest aspect of building a home gym, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to spend a fortune on robust machines and equipment as there are plenty of exercises that can get you the same results with less gear. You can start by bringing in the basics. These include a nice matt for your stretches, resistance bands, and dumbbells and you can even find the best bench for home gym to use for a multitude of exercises. These pieces of equipment are perfect if you want to start small and know your way around weights and resistance bands since these can be used for a lot of moves and exercises. 

On the other hand, if you love doing squats and want to focus on weightlifting, you can get a bigger squat rack, a bar, and weight plates. However, for these, you should consider a bigger space and good flooring that won’t get damaged. These are also good for the beginning, and as you progress you can simply introduce a few more plates or experiment with dumbbells and resistance bands. 

What’s more, you don’t have to buy brand new equipment if you don’t want to spend a fortune. Instead, you can easily find used weights and other gear everywhere. Search Craigslist and garage sales for the equipment since you can find it for a lower price and still in a good shape. 

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As you can see, building a home gym doesn’t have to be expensive and tedious. You simply have to find the proper space for achieving your fitness goals and start with the basic equipment. When you have less equipment it encourages you to be creative and try new moves, and as you progress you can build a bigger gym at home instead of spending a fortune right at the beginning. 

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