10 Best Steaks For Grilling

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There are several types of beef that you can grill but there are some that are better than others. No matter which type you grill, you need to make sure that you have a grill that will you the texture and flavor you are seeking. One of the grills that will give you excellent grilled steak is the pellet grill brands. In addition to the pellet grill brands to choose from, there are also some things to consider before choosing the steak for your grill.

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Make sure that whichever steak you choose to grill, that it is graded at choice or above. You want to make sure that there is the marbling of fat throughout the steak because the more there is the more tender it will be. You should also know how to cook it, which includes one of the two following methods on your grill.

• Hot and fast method—here you will quickly sear it over direct heat. How long will depend on the thickness of the steak. Generally, all you need is a couple of minutes on each side but if you want it cooked longer, do it on the indirect side of the heat until it is cooked to how you like it.
• Reverse sear—your grill will need to be prepared for a two-zone indirect fire. First, you cook your steak slowly on the indirect side, and when it is almost done, raise the temperature of your grill so you can sear it at the end. This method is best used with cuts that are at least one and a half inches thick.

Steak is best if it has a lightly crisp crust and is juicy and smoky. The best steaks come from the short loin, which is just above the flank of a cow and is in front of the lower back part of the sirloin meat. This includes the filet mignon, T-bone, porterhouse, and more.

10 best steaks for grilling

• Ribeye—this is considered by many to be the king of steaks. It is a steak that is well-marbled, juicy, and tender. You can get them bone off or bone-in. You do not want them if they have a big glob of fat in the middle but want them well-marbled. If getting from a butcher, you can have them from ½ inch to 2 or more inches thick. They are best if seared at a hot temperature and finished on the cool side of the grill. This steak gives you a big beefy flavor.
• New York strip—they are well-marbled and tender with a very beefy flavor. It can also be cut to the same thickness as the ribeye and cooked like it.
• Filet Mignon—this steak is cut from the tenderloin and is one of the best tender cuts you can buy. On average, the steer provides no more than five hundred grams of filet mignon. These are the reasons they are the most expensive cuts of meat. They are not very flavorful so that is why they are also wrapped in bacon most of the time.
• T-Bone—this is one of the favorite steaks on the market. It is largely because it has two steaks in one. To the left of the bone is the New York strip and a part of the tenderloin is on the other side. These are tricky to cook on any pellet grill brands as it is easy for one to finish cooking before the other. It is best to have then 2 inches thick and use the reverse sear when grilling. This steak is large enough that it can be shared with another person.
• Porterhouse—some grillers think that this steak and the T-Bone are the same but the Porterhouse is further up on the steer so with this steak, you get more of the tenderloin. It should be cut thick and cooked with a reverse sear.
• Flat Iron—this steak comes from the shoulder of the steer and is second in tenderness to the filet mignon. It is a great steak for grilling because of its great marbling. All it needs is to be seasoned with salt and pepper and cooked on a hot grill until it is medium-rare. This steak ranges in thickness from ¾ to 1 ¼ inch.
• Top Sirloin—this steak is cut from the sirloin primal and is a great steak if you are on a budget. It is very flavorful but not as tender as many other steaks. To help prevent drying out this steak, you should grill it quickly and often check the internal temperature so it does not go past medium-rare.
• Flank steak—this comes from the belly area of the cow and is flavorful but tough. Because it is a thin steak, it will need to be quickly grilled over high heat. You should never cook it past medium-rare and slice it against the grain to get the maximum tenderness from the steak.
• Skirt steak—this is the type of steak many uses to make fajitas. It is also a thin steak that works best with a fast, hot sear directly over the heat. It also needs to be sliced against the grain for tenderness.
• Hanger steak—this steak is also referred to as a butcher steak. The reason is that it is a favorite among butchers. This is the cut that hangs between the loin and rib where it helps support the diaphragm of the cow. It is not very thick so grill it quickly over direct heat. This one will also be tenderer if sliced against the grain.

The type of steak you choose is generally chosen based on preference and budget but no matter which steak you choose, any will taste great grilled on one of the pellet grill brands. Grab your friends and enjoy a great grilled steak along with a baked potato and salad. Before grilling, you can also marinade your steaks.

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