Steak N Shake Restaurants Closed Due To Health Risks

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Steak N Shake Restaurants Closed Due To Health Risks

Steak N Shake recently was payed a visit from the Health Department after checking the quality of the restaurant they called the food chain business in Toledo an “immediate threat to public health”.

Two of the Toledo-area Steak N Shake have been shut down by the Lucas County Health Department.

The locations of the Steak N Shakes are on Monroe St and Reynolds Rd.

There has also been reports that 4 Steak N Shake locations in Louisville have been temporarily shut down.

The locations in Toledo have been visited by several health inspectors who provided a list of reasons on why the locations were shut down.

1. Unclean food contact surfaces or utensil. Build-up was observed on slicers, in food prep sinks, around beverage dispensers, syrup dispensers, and the shake machine and shake station items.

2. Outer opening not protected, which could lead to the entry of pests.
Unclean facility, including food splatter on walls, dirty floors in the kitchen, and food debris and splatter throughout the facility.
The restaurants were found to not be in good repair, sanitizing solutions were found to be at incorrect temperatures and concentrations, and a substance believe to be mold also was observed in freezer areas.

3. Food inspection reports also revealed that a patron complained of becoming very ill for three days after eating chicken tenders, a cheeseburger, fries and drinking a soda at the Monroe Street Steak ‘N Shake.

Currently they have been adviced to address the issues and will be in pending before they will be allowed to have another inspection to get the doors open.

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