Kobe Bryant Releases Statement About Team USA

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Kobe Bryant has been a vocal point to the NBA for quite some while now, this time he’s focused on team USA’s failures.

Kobe was a big part of the team USA’s successful runs and now he’s reflecting on the original team that was back in 1992.

He’s considered an icon among the superstars we pay close attention to today such as Kevin Durant.

Kawhi Leonard is up next when it comes to taking the crown away and is looking forward to making the Los Angeles Clippers contenders.

“It’s not going to be a cakewalk. The days of the 1992 Barcelona Dream Team are gone, over.”

Gone are the days when LeBron James lead team USA to their victories and made it easy for them to win.

He is now a Laker and Kobe Bryant is retired.

“Some of those guys haven’t had the opportunity to play for the United States, so I’m sure if their health allowed them to, they certainly would’ve been over here playing,” said Kobe Bryant to EPSN.

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